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There are various definitions and interpretations where preventative maintenance is concerned and if you ask any number of fleet managers to define it, you will generally get the same quantity of different answers than the persons you asked. In general we can however and for the purpose of this article we can sum it up as; preventive maintenance is defined as an essential, planned activity that is intended to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned activity that might require adhoc maintenance and costs. Preventative...
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New Picture (7) We are an approved distributor of sureFleet in Africa. sureFleet is a web based and smartphone integrated fleet maintenance system allowing customers to streamline their fleet maintenance management, save money, avoid downtime and increase productivity. sureFleet is designed to help business operations with better management, tracking, and reporting on fleet preventive maintenance needs, repair costs, fuel purchases and so much more. New Picture (8) Service Solutions The sureFleet...
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PELICAN MOUTH Productivity Manager

We are an approved distributor of Pelican Mouth in Africa. Pelican Mouth is a feature-rich web based productivity management tool that remains simple and easy to use. Pelican Mouth Productivity Management software allows small offices and businesses to stay on top of their pressing tasks and projects. Users can collaborate on tasks, share files and documents, and proficiently complete their to-do lists. It allows users to work together on an almost limitless amount of projects and tasks while increasing effective communication and efficiency in the...
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